Valentine’s week list 2018 with Dates and Days – Happy Valentines Day

WISHES YOU HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY 2018!! But, when is Valentines Day 2018? Let me inform you, the loving festival of Valentine’s Day 2018 is a week-long affair for lovers celebrated each year on February 14th all around the world. It’s also known as “Lovers Day.” Valentine Week is a special week for all lovers and loves birds as they celebrate this day by expressing their internal love feeling to their partners. It is done by sending Valentines cards, offering confectionery greetings, giving flowers especially Red Rose, to their loved ones.

Happy Valentine’s week list of 2018

2018 Valentines Day Week List

2018 Valentines Day Week List

You are eager to know the about the Valentine Week Days List and check out dates and schedule for Valentine Calendar 2018. Lovers celebrate each day before Happy Valentine Day with happiness, joy and love. Here through this blog post, we’ve brief detail information about each and every day by day festival of Valentine Week for 2018.

Valentine’s Day History – Valentine week 2018

Valentine’s Day is praised everywhere throughout the world and for the most part in the parts of United Conditions of America on fourteenth of February. It is a day when friends and family express their adoration for one another and trade sweet, blooms and blessings particularly red roses.Happy Valentines day feb 14

One this specific day, the friendly couples spend their day together and express their warmth and consideration towards one another as opposed to the singles that spend their day unmoving being discouraged and overwhelmed in distress. It is termed as the day of adoration.

 We all know February is praised as month of sentiment everywhere throughout the world for the sake of holy person Valentine yet who was example of piety valentine, as the history says, under the principle of Head Claudius II he was a cleric named as Valentine going once again to third century; according to the request of the Claudius youngsters were deserted to get hitched as he suspected that they bring about a noticeable improvement troopers then the men with families.

Minister valentine discovered it as an unfairness on the youthful warriors and began their marriage in mystery. What’s more when his activity was gotten Claudius requested him to be killed. Amid his period in prison before being hanged to death he had fallen for the corrections officers girl who used to reach him day by day, he jotted the last letter standing up to his affection for her and winding up by composing ” From Your Valentine” an interpretation which till date individuals use likely and blessings.

Valentine Week Days List 2018 – Weekend Date Sheet of Valentine

With this post, your search for Valentine Week Days 2018 comes to an end. Because, we’ve provided full detailed date sheet of Valentine weeks every single day and its information. Bookmark this page and share the love on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Stumble Upon, etc.


First Day of Valentine Rose Day Wednesday 7th February 2018
Second Day of Valentine Propose Day Thursday 8th Feb 2018
Third Day of Valentine Chocolate Day Friday 9th Feb 2018
Fourth Day of Valentine Teddy Day Saturday 10th Feb 2018
Fifth Day of Valentine Promise Day Sunday 11th Feb 2018
Sixth Day of Valentine Hug Day Monday 12th Feb 2018
Seventh Day of Valentine Kiss Day Tuesday 13th Feb 2018
Valentine’s Day Happy Valentines Day Wednesday 14th Feb 2018

Here is the detailed full list of Valentine Week 2018 List or you can also say Date Sheet of Valentine Week Days. This post consists of all information before 7 days of Valentine Week 2018 and 7 Days after Valentine Week. So, check out the full list of Valentine Week with details.

{Feb 7} Rose Day 2018 :

Happy Rose day 2018 images

Happy Rose day 2018 images

7th Feb – Rose Day: Valentine Week List starts with Rose Day, as it is the first day of Valentine Week. This year Rose Day is on February 7th, 2105. And every year, Rose Day marks the start of Valentine’s Day celebration across the globe. The specialty of Rose Day is that all love birds (Lovers) greet each other with beautiful, Crimson Red Roses. The fragrance of roses encloses the air on this day as the huge number of adolescents gives roses to propose their girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, and friend.

Detailed Valentine Week Days 2018 List – Valentines Calendar 2018

Wishes You Happy Rose Day 2018.

{Feb 8} Propose Day 2018

8th Feb – Propose Day: Propose Day is the second day in Valentine Week List. And this year, Propose Day is on February 8th, 2018. On this very special day, individuals propose to their respective Dream Boy (Prince Charming) / Dream Girl that they have a crush on. One can make this day more special by getting their knees downhearted and proposing the girl in a grace.

Happy Propose day 2018 images

Happy Propose day 2018 images

Happy propose Day is truly fun and at the equal time, you can take a lead of this special day. Expressing your love towards that gorgeous girl in your school, college or university, a girl next door or even a pretty lady in your workplace on whom you have a deep crush for quite a long time. And you don’t have the guts to say or express your feeling, this is the impeccable day to precise your feelings.

Propose Day is the right and best time to express your feelings, propose for engagement, or propose for marriage/wedding to your partner and give them special gifts and Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards, etc.

Valentine Week Days List Valentine Weeks Calendar 2018

Cute Couple Wishes Happy Propose Day.

 {Feb 9}Happy Chocolate Day 2018

9th Feb – Chocolate Day: Chocolate Day is the third day of Valentine Week Days List. This year Chocolate Day is on February 9th, 2018. This special and delicious day is dedicated to the chocolates. Wish your girlfriend, wife with yummy Swiss Chocolates. Or, take your partner out for a warm chocolate dessert to please your girl and make her feel special.

Happy Chocolate Day 2018 Images

Happy Chocolate Day 2018 Images

We wish u a very happy valentines day 2018.We always celebrate Happy Valentines day on 14th Feb and Happy Chocolate day is the 3rd day in Valentine week 2015 celebrated on 9 Feb each year.We send Valentines day cards on valentines day 2018.Same we send Chocolate day Scraps on Chocolate day 2018.some more on happy chocolate day scraps wallpapers, happy chocolate day scraps photos and happy chocolate day scraps hot.

Valentine Week Days List Valentine Weeks Calendar 2018

Romantic Couple Wishes Happy Chocolate Day to each other.

{Feb 10}Happy Teddy Day 2018 

10th Feb – Teddy Day: Teddy Day is the fourth day in the list of Valentine Week. And this year, Teddy Day falls on February 10th, 2018. Teddy Day is celebrated in honor of teddy bears. Do you know, the teddy bear was created in the 20th century in Germany, in the honor of the US President – Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt?

Happy Teddy Day 2018 Images

Happy Teddy Day 2018 Images

Girl loves teddy bears very much, as it’s the cutest playfellow for all girls. They are just so softy, cottony and are warm. The main reason for celebrating Teddy Day is that it’s said that it brings the softness and cuteness in relationship too. So, gift the Valentines Day Teddy Bears to your partner to express your love and attention. And don’t disremember to dribble your female partner with soft and cute teddy.

Valentine Week Days List Valentine Weeks Calendar 2018

Cute Couple sitting with a giant Teddy Bear on Teddy Day.

{Feb 11}Happy Promise Day 2018

11th Feb – Promise Day: Promise Day is the fifth day in Valentine week list 2018. This time, Promise Day is on February 11th, 2018. Promise Day has its prominence. As the love is not as easy as it looks. In spite, Love comes with tons of responsibilities, assurances, and promises.

Happy Promise Day 2018 Images

Happy Promise Day 2018 Images

Happy Promise Day, the important thing in love is a promise of being together forever. Make some promises and try to accomplish the old ones to solid your relationship.

Valentine Week Days List Valentine Weeks Calendar 2018

Wishes you Happy Promise Day 2018.

{Feb 12}Happy Hug Day 2018

12th Feb – Hug Day: Hug Day is the sixth day, according to the Valentine Week Days list. This year, Hug Day is on February 12th, 2018. In Hug Day, give a warm and tight hug to tour partner as hugs are a vital expression of affection. Hug your partner and show them that you care, love and support him/her at every situation of life. “Hug is a Handshake from the Heart.”

Happy Hug Day 2018 images

Happy Hug Day 2018 images

Hug Day is a wonderful way to show your love and care to your spouse or loved ones and best friends and feel them special. The good thing about Hug Day is that, whenever you give a tight warm hug to your partner or someone special, it’ll bring an immediate smile on their face. And to be very true, it really feels very good. So, expand your arms and find somebody to squeeze.

On this special day, you must rush and hug your love, if possible. But, if you’re away from them, then just send a beautiful romantic Happy Hug Day Wallpapers Pack and Hug Day Images..

Valentine Week Days List Valentine Weeks Calendar 2018

Romantic Valentine Couple Wishes Happy Hug Day.

{Feb 13}Happy Kiss Day 2018

13th Feb – Kiss Day: Kiss Day is the seventh day of Valentine 2018 Week List. It’s special day for all lover, especially for boys. Kiss Day is a time for you to be near to your sweetie and let your lips express your heart. On this day, kiss your partner passionately to express your love for them.

Happy Kiss Day 2018 Images

Happy Kiss Day 2018 Images

Kissing has continually been a unique symbol of love, and every single couple in deep love think of kissing each other time & again. To rejoice the core of the endless symbol of love, we celebrate Kiss Day, a day ahead of Valentine’s Day. A kiss can mean numerous things, delivered where you are kissed. Here’s a swift take on what each kiss might mean in real.

Valentine Week Days List Valentine Weeks Calendar 2018

Cute Romantic Couple Celebrating Happy Kiss Day.

The French kiss: If you and your spouse end up kissing up in French style, you peoples are possibly intensely in love. This is not a the single sided affair, so think of, for a genuine French kiss to occur, you need actual chemistry.

The forehead kiss: This kiss solely talks of the promise to stay with one another and an emblem that somebody does care for you. When a companion kisses you on your forehead, you can guess to get a proposal on Valentine’s Day.

A kiss on the Lips: A humble kiss that is given on the lips purely says, “I Love You” in the most indefinable way. If you are vexing to confess your feelings, this kiss can do miracles in conveying love in the purest form.

A kiss on the Cheek: When somebody places a kiss on the cheek with not any dual senses involved in it, this may only mean that he or she loves you and wants you to be vastly happy in your life.

Kiss day grips various meanings for various couples. While new-fangled couples pick the day for the first kiss, there are others who sort Special Days with love couriers with a French kiss. What’s your impression of festivity depends mainly on what relationship and reckoning you share with your partner.

And I’d like to give an important tip for your successful Kiss Day: Don’t Forget to Have Some Mouth Freshener!!

{Feb 14}Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

14th Feb – Valentine’s Day: Finally, here comes to the special day, i.e. Valentine’s Day. It’s the eighth day of the Valentine Week Date Sheet. Valentines Day is celebrated on February 14th every year all around the globe and has been growing in popularity in India in recent years. This special day spends time with your girlfriend or partner. Try everything in order to make them feel happy and smiling. Just make this day a memorable moment of your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 images

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 images

Shower your love on them and express how much you really love your partner or admirers by presenting flowers 7 jewelry, sending greetings cards, gifts, etc. Standard Valentines Day symbol include flowers, cupid, love birds, the red colored hearts. Heart symbolize of love but is also a symbol of life. Giving one’s heart to a different person, so to say, is the crucial expressions of love. Cupid, the god of love, is liable for shooting arrows to make persons fall in love with each other.

Valentine Week Days List Valentine Weeks Calendar 2018

Cute Romantic Couple Kissing on Happy Valentine’s Day 2018.

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Seven Days After Valentine’s Day and Valentine Week

As there is a complete one week before the Happy Valentine’s Day, there is a next week after the Valentines Day too. And these days are celebrated accordingly all over the globe. Here’s the detailed list:

15th Feb – Slap Day: Slap Day is the next first day after the Valentine’s Day. And, it’s is the ninth day of Valentine Week List. Love is a lovely feeling but only for those who really loves. Happy Slap Day is celebrated for those peoples, who have made an erroneous decision about their life partner so that they can slap on this day.

Slap Day doesn’t mean that you go violent. Most of you might think, on Slap Day girls’ slaps his friend, but that’s just not the correct meaning of Slap Day. It refers to that you slap all relationship with that guy, you slap the feelings & sentiments, which are committed by that person, who aches you every day. Simply, this day is all about forgetting your Ex-friend and Move on to get a life.

16th Feb – Kick Day: Kick Day is the second day after the romantic Valentine’s Day & Valentine Week Days List. Here in Kick Day, Kick is related to break up of the relations, and it doesn’t mean that you go and actually kick your partner on the specific date. On Kick Day, the specific person who is not happy with their spouse kick off their relation with each other.

17th Feb – Perfume Day: Perfume Day is the third day after the Valentine’s Day and Valentine Week. It so celebrated on February 17th every year. Love not ends forever so hurry up and gets closer to your love as they always want you. So, on Perfume Day purchase a good perfume for your partner, which ties your partner personality. A decent perfume will improve your nature on the front of others.

18th Feb – Flirting Day: Flirting Day is the fourth day after Valentine Week Days. As Valentine’s Day has gone, and the fever of Valentine’s Week has also gone. After cute, pleasant and romantic Valentine Week, 18th of February is observed as Happy Flirting Day.

19th Feb – Confession Day: Wishes you Happy Confession Day, it’s celebrated on February 19th every year after Valentine Week and other love days. Confession is not every easy for everyone; it’s a very tough and rigid task do. But, confession is a lovely thing, if somebody identifies its significance in love. So, this Confession day is a perfect day for you to go on and confess in front of your partner.

20th Feb – Missing Day: Missing Day is celebrated on February 20th every year. It’s the day to remember your missing ones (love). Missing Day is the second last day in the chains of some bizarre but really valuable and romantic, beautiful days. Missing Day has its own importance. Happy Missing Day is celebrated to recall those relationships, which are very-very important for us. But, we can’t pay attention to them since the scarcity of time.

Valentine Week Days List Valentine Weeks Calendar 2018

21st Feb – Breakup Day: Breakup Day is the last day after the Valentines Day and Valentine Week. Among all the holidays and celebrations, which we’ve before and after Valentine’s Day, there is something called Breakup Day. It’s a kind of anti-Valentines Day festivity for singles & those nearby to be a single.

Happy Breakup Day is just not only about cutting romantic relationship; it could be a chance for you to free from any worse relationship that’s holding you back. Breakup Day shows an unpredictable amount of daring that any genuinely minded person would and should respect.

Breakup Day is celebrated on February 21st each year at the last of Valentine Week Days List. On Breakup Day, the people break up their relationship to their girlfriends or boyfriends due to some reason.

Stay tuned for more updates about Valentine’s Day 2018 with latest Images, Quotes and Messages etc.

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